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Google Insider Reveals Pixel 9 Pro Design Decisions

Google Insider Reveals Pixel 9 Pro Design Decisions

Recent leaks have provided a first glimpse into the design changes for Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 Pro. The leaks, originating from trusted sources, offer insight into both aesthetic and functional updates that Google plans to introduce with this new model. Here’s a detailed look at the anticipated design changes and what they could mean for the next-generation Pixel device.

Key Design Changes

Redesigned Camera Bar

One of the most notable changes in the Pixel 9 Pro is the redesigned camera bar. Unlike its predecessors, the Pixel 9 Pro will feature a camera bar that no longer spans the width of the device. Instead, it will have rounded corners, giving it a more refined look. The camera setup includes a periscope telephoto sensor, a primary lens, and a telephoto lens, with rumors suggesting the addition of variable aperture support. This change aims to enhance the camera’s functionality while maintaining a sleek design​.

Flat Display and Edges

The Pixel 9 Pro is moving away from the curved edges seen in previous models, opting for flatter edges similar to those of the iPhone and the Nothing Phone (2). This design decision is expected to polarize opinions among users who have preferred the ergonomic feel of curved edges. The phone will also feature a flat display, slightly smaller at 6.5 inches compared to the 6.7-inch display of the Pixel 8 Pro, offering a more compact form factor​.

Slimmer Bezels and Dimensions

The leaks indicate that the Pixel 9 Pro will have slimmer bezels on all sides, providing a larger screen-to-body ratio. The device is also reportedly 0.3 mm slimmer than the Pixel 8 Pro, making it more lightweight and easier to handle. Despite the smaller display, the overall dimensions of the Pixel 9 Pro remain nearly identical to its predecessor, suggesting a more efficient use of space​​.

Button and Port Placement

The button placement on the Pixel 9 Pro will remain consistent with previous models, with the volume rocker and power button situated on the right side of the device. The SIM card slot, USB-C port, and speakers will be located at the bottom, while the top of the phone will feature a microphone and a mmWave antenna mark. This layout continues Google’s trend of user-friendly design and accessibility​.

Anticipated Specifications

While specific details on the hardware are still scarce, some expected specifications include the new Google Tensor G3 chipset, 16 GB of RAM, and a 5500 mAh battery. The camera setup is rumored to feature a 108 MP primary sensor, a 50 MP secondary sensor, and a 16 MP tertiary sensor, with a 24 MP front-facing camera for selfies. These specifications indicate a focus on performance and high-quality photography, aligning with Google’s emphasis on AI and computational photography​​.

The leaked design choices for the Pixel 9 Pro suggest that Google is aiming to balance aesthetics with functionality. The move to flatter edges and a redesigned camera bar indicates a shift towards a more modern and sleek design. As with all leaks, it is advisable to take this information with a grain of caution until official announcements are made. However, these insights provide an exciting glimpse into what users can expect from the next iteration of Google’s flagship smartphone.


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