Home News Microsoft and Meta Partner to Bring Windows to Meta Quest VR Headsets

Microsoft and Meta Partner to Bring Windows to Meta Quest VR Headsets

Microsoft and Meta Partner to Bring Windows to Meta Quest VR Headsets

In a significant development for the tech world, Microsoft and Meta have announced a partnership to bring Windows and its suite of productivity apps to Meta’s Quest virtual reality (VR) headsets. This collaboration aims to enhance the VR experience by integrating widely used Microsoft applications, providing users with a more immersive and productive environment.

Bringing Windows to VR

Microsoft is introducing “Volumetric Apps” for Meta Quest headsets, extending Windows applications into the 3D space. This move allows users to interact with Windows apps in a spatially aware manner within the VR environment. These applications include essential productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, Office, and Windows 365, which can now be accessed directly from Meta’s Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets​​.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

One of the key highlights of this partnership is the integration of Microsoft Teams with Meta’s VR “Workrooms.” Users can participate in immersive Teams meetings, where they will be represented by their Meta avatars. This setup allows for a seamless transition from traditional 2D interfaces to a more engaging 3D environment, facilitating better collaboration and interaction among team members​​.

Additionally, Meta Quest users can interact with 2D content from Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This functionality is designed to improve productivity by allowing users to work on familiar applications within a VR setting, enhancing the overall work experience​​.

Cloud Streaming Capabilities

The partnership also introduces Windows 365 to Meta Quest devices, enabling users to stream a Windows Cloud PC directly to their headsets. This feature provides access to personalized apps, content, and settings, making it easier for users to switch between their physical and virtual workspaces. The cloud streaming capability ensures that users can maintain productivity without being tethered to a physical PC​​.

Microsoft and Meta have expressed their commitment to rolling out these features over the coming months. The collaboration is seen as a strategic move to leverage the strengths of both companies in the VR and productivity spaces, potentially setting the stage for further innovations in the metaverse and mixed reality environments.

The partnership between Microsoft and Meta represents a significant step towards integrating VR technology with mainstream productivity tools. By bringing Windows applications to Meta Quest headsets, the collaboration aims to create a more immersive and efficient workspace, enhancing both personal and professional use of VR technology.


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