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SAP’s Plan to Make Generative AI Work for Businesses

SAP CTO Juergen Mueller emphasizes scaling generative AI to integrate advanced AI capabilities into business applications, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Arm’s New Chips to Bring Faster AI to Future Smartphones

Arm's upcoming AI chips promise to enhance on-device AI capabilities in future smartphones, offering improved performance and energy efficiency.

Apple Bets Its Giant User Base Will Help It Win in AI

Apple leverages its massive user base to lead in AI with enhanced Siri, AI-powered development tools, and robust privacy-focused features.

Why the Sparkle Emoji Is Often Used to Represent AI

Discover why the sparkle emoji (✨) is frequently used to represent AI in tech products, symbolizing innovation, magic, and user-friendly enhancements.

I Tested a $700 AI Device That Can Translate 40 Languages in Real Time...

Discover the Timekettle WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds, a $700 AI device offering real-time translation for 40 languages. Read our detailed buying advice.

Privacy Concerns Mount Over Microsoft’s New AI Tool: Experts Raise Red Flags

Privacy experts raise serious concerns about Microsoft's latest AI tool, highlighting potential data security and misuse risks.